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Project Description


The Tribal Resource Management course intends to impart a comprehensive teaching grounded to reality, pertaining to economic alleviation of the poor and downtrodden. The subject is inter-disciplinary and based on utilization of natural resources employing traditional means of approach, conducive for societal growth and development.

KISS Tribal Resources

This shall hone socio-economic environmental development for uplifting the condition of tribal population for igniting new ideas in the new economy. The subject shall understand into the core competencies required for resource mobilization and policy formulation based on the research insight. Agri-business shall be key to the subject essence.  The subject shall be unique and cross-functional in nature.

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  • To encourage interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary study and research on various aspects of rich tribal economy and other resources, trade systems of tribals, barter system among tribals and various forest products.
  • To conduct an evaluative and analytical studies on traditional economy and commerce of the tribals.
  • To unearth the hither to unknown similarities and links between tribal economy and tribal society.
  • To study the programmes and important aspects related to tribal economic resources.
  • To study the socio-economic development of scheduled tribes.
  • To establish similarities between tribal economy and tribal life.
  • To highlight the philosophical and religious approach of the tribals towards economic life and mode of production.
  • To study and research the Socio-economic conditions of the tribals.


To produce skilled and knowledgeable graduates who not only develop thorough understanding of society and tribal economy, but also helps in exploring the theoretical and practical knowledge on tribal resource management.

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Eligibility & Seats

  • The candidates seeking admission into M.A. in Tribal Resource Management course must have a Bachelor’s degree from any recognized University.
  • Number of seats for admission into M.A. in Tribal Resource Management is 16.
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Semester Details

Students who will take admission in Dept. of Tribal Culture, Philosophy and Eco-spiritualism have to take five core courses and one compulsory course in first and second semester. In the third and fourth semester, students have to take three core courses and two elective courses out of four respectively.


Course Structure

First Semester

Sl. No Course Code Course Title Credit Total Credit
L T P  
1 TRM -601 Tribe and Peasant Society in India 3 1 4
2 TRM -603 Community Development:

Theory, Policy and Practices

3 1 4
3 TRM -605 Human Resource Management 3 1 4
4 TRM -609 Natural Resource Management 3 1 4
5 TRM 611 Business Communication 2 2
6 TRM-613 Information Technology 2 2
Total       20

Second Semester

Sl. No. Course Code Course Title Credit Total Credit
L T P  
1 TRM -602 Development of Tribal Communities 3 1 4
2 TRM -604 Development Theory and Practices 3 1 4
3 TRM -606 Agribusiness Management 3 1 4
4 TRM -608 Management of Tribal Growth and Growth model 3 1 4
5 TRM -610 Environmental Resource Management of Tribals 3 1 4
6 TRM-612 Organizational Behavior 3 1 2
Total 22

Third Semester

Sl. No. Course Code Course Title Credit Total Credit
L T P  
1 TRM 701 Entrepreneurship 3 1 4
2 TRM -703 Marketing Management 3 1 4
3 TRM -705 Social Research Methods 3 1 4
Electives (Any Two)
4 TRM-707 Tribal Health and Education Management 3 1 4
5 TRM-709 Banking and Insurance 3 1 4
6 TRM-711 Tribal Economy and Development 3 1 4
7 TRM-713 Innovation Management 3 1 4
Total 20

Fourth Semester

Sl. No. Course Code Course Title Credit Total Credit
1 TRM -702 Financial Management 3 1 4
2 TRM -704 Agroforestry  Management 3 1 4
3 TRM -706 Fieldwork and Dissertation 4 4
Elective (Any Two)
4 TRM -708 Labour Law and Tribal Development 3 1 4
5 TRM -710 Corporate Social Responsibility 3 1 4
6 TLS-706 Sustainable Tribal Development and Environment 3 1 4
7 TRM -712 Economic Sociology and Anthropology of India 3 1 4
Total 20
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Department : Tribal Resource management

Prof. Rabindra Nath Swain
Prof. Rabindra Nath SwainProfessor
Experience: 34 years
Prof. Jyotirmaya Mohanty
Prof. Jyotirmaya MohantyProfessor
Experience : 33 Years
Prof. Subhramaniyam Natarajan
Prof. Subhramaniyam NatarajanProfessor
Experience : 32 years
Prof.(Dr.) Ipseeta Satpathy
Prof.(Dr.) Ipseeta SatpathyProfessor
Experience : 16 years
Dr. Sarbeswar Mohanty
Dr. Sarbeswar MohantyAssociate. Professor
Experience : 18 years
Dr. Snigdharani Panda
Dr. Snigdharani PandaAssociate Professor
Experience : 8 years
Dr. B.C.M. Pattnaik
Dr. B.C.M. PattnaikAssociate. Professor
Experience : 10 years
Dr. Biswajit Dash
Dr. Biswajit DashAssociate. Professor
Experience : 15 years
Dr. Babita Das
Dr. Babita DasAsst. Professor
Experience : 1 year
Dr. Parikshita Khatua
Dr. Parikshita Khatua Asst. Professor
Experience : 7 year

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